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Ideas for Precise Geotagging on Panono

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  • Ideas for Precise Geotagging on Panono

    I have an Inta360 Pro and it is nice because you can plug a GPS receiver right into it. Once I find out which devices actually write the Geotag data to the NPF file, then I plan on putting a GPS receiver at the base of the Panonon tripod. In Android, you can set your device to to an external GPS receiver (mock GPS) which in this case would be the receiver on the tripod. Now when you go duck and hide, the GPS is still very precise (talking photos, not surveys) for each photo. How are you guys handling this? I sure hope I don't find out that Geotagging does not exist for this camera!!

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    Panono does not have a GPS receiver. However the phones coordinates (if available) are written into the UPF file.