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Dropped ball one meter, no longer talkes any pictures

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  • Dropped ball one meter, no longer talkes any pictures

    SO finally it happened. Using the small stand (for a tripod without a tipod though) and it fell less than a meter.
    The last image was partial.

    The ball starts as usual (signals, lEDs etc) but it is impossible to take any shots. The App vibrates but no flashing of leds on ball. Same for "throw in air" and press button on ball nor selfiestick.

    Is this the final straw for my ball or is there anything more I can try befor thworing it away (for good).


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    Company employees seem to be too busy elsewhere to spend any time here. Contacting support directly would be the fastest route to a solution, I'd expect.


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      Sorry to jack your thread but i wanted to find some way to talk with people who have bought the panono camera. Iv been looking into 360 cameras for a year and a half and have wanted to get one to help my dads business. Iv read alot about the pros and cons of every camera including panono and i still want to consider the panono. Its still kind of alot of money for something i dont really know well hands on. I have two questions for anyone who reads this. What are the pros and cons to you. Like as a user what do you find to be great and what do you find difficult or aggravating about it. And the other is more difficult.

      If anyone lives anywhere on the same continent as me, would it be possible to meet and you show me in person how to use the panono ball so i can decide if I like it and want to get it for my dads business. I live in Nashville, Tennessee.


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        Dear Martin,
        please contact as Bob suggested.