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Panono won't take pictures

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  • Panono won't take pictures

    I just got my (used) Panono from eBay. The seller has assured me that there is nothing wrong with the camera. But...I can't get the camera to take any pictures.

    Here's what is happening. Turn on Panono, led light surrounding top button is lit up in white. Press button to take picture - nothing happens. Attach selfie-stick, press button - nothing happens. Connect to app, green wifi showing a connection, press green take-picture-button on iphone - phone vibrates, but no picture taken.

    Both the app and the Panono have the latest updates. I tried the 30-30 reset and the 12 second reset, but the Panono still does nothing.

    What's the deal?


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    And, sometimes the green take-picture-button on the iphone app is white. Pressing the white button does nothing - the phone does not vibrate and the Panono does not take a picture. THe app does show a wifi connection between the phone and Panono.


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        Is the camera still connected to the sellers account? AFAIR there is a theft-protection. So maybe they have to reset the cameras serial number in the database to get rid of the old owner account connection.

        Anyway the fastes way to get help is emailing

        Maybe you can report the solution here afterwards!


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          Mikeyd contacted support and sent logfiles from the camera.

          Result: There is a cable loose inside the camera.

          This is the cause for the malfunction.

          The camera itself is working but if there is a loose cable, it is not able to capture.

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