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How to fix an undesirable stitching error

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  • How to fix an undesirable stitching error

    Hello Panono team,

    I got a very nice picture that I'd like to share but with an unfortunate stitching error: the eyes of a kid. I guess that this is the type of error that one spots immediately so I was wondering whether or not it was possible to correct this type of error and if possible what should I do.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Fix it in Photoshop or stitch the image using the panorama software of your choice.

    You can also just patched the baby face with the same stitched image using the panono jpeg as groundlayer. This might be the best combination.


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      In the past, you could email Panono support with "stitching error" in the subject line. Sometimes it would be fixed, sometimes they'd just take note to improve the algorithm. I get the impression that except for Jonas, most of the rest of the team is still there, but obviously don't know any more than you or anyone else... or whether they still have the same priorities as they did... but it may be worth the few minutes to give it a try.


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        Hi, all my saved panoramas now have kaleidoscope features??? whats happened// it was not there before???