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    Is it possible to add gps info on the pano (using the gps of the phone) and getting this gps info on the EQUI download of the pano ?

    Thank you

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    I have just checked.

    I get the gps coordonates on the manifest.json of the upf

    but not on the EQUI that i download from the panono site.

    Is that normal ?

    Thank you


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      Dear parisien,

      we do this on purpose for privacy reasons.

      If you want to add the gps metadata, please do so manually with an EXIF editor.


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        if the owner of the phone, of the panono and who take the pictures want to have the gps metadata, what is the privacy issue ???

        All the camera apps that exists on the google play store has the ability to add the gps metadata on the picture.
        the default camera app of google do that.

        So you mean that all these apps don't respect peoples privacy ????

        don't you see how it is complicated to add it ourself ?

        we have to download the upf

        open the upf

        read the manifest.json

        copy the gps coordonates

        convert it to sexagesimal gps coordonate

        download the EQUI picture

        launch the software to add it to the exif

        and add it.

        It is too much complicated.

        So you mean that you have definitly decided to impose YOUR vision (and only yours as all other company accept to add the gps coordonates on the picture when the user WANT IT) of privacy and you won't add this option to people who want to controle THEMSELVES their privacy easely ?


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          if privacy is so important for you (much more important that for any company in the world), why don't you hide automaticly the face of all the people that are on the picture if they don't sign and send to you by registred letter a paper authorization to be on the picture ???

          Getting the face of someone that is walking on the street is much more privacy issue than adding the gps coordonate if the user want himself to have the gps coordonates in the picture !!!


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            we do this on purpose for privacy reasons.

            That's not a very good answer....really. Anyone can take a 360 sphere photo with Google Street View app and upload it to Google Maps with the exact location info + people's faces etc visible. And there are no privacy issues. Not with the location info at least.


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              ok guys here is an update:

              we are definitely planning on adding the GPS info to the downloadble equi file in the near future.

              there will then be a warning/info box when downloading the equi that the GPS info is inside.


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                manifest.json in upf
                I checked the manifest.json within the ups-File (you can easily open it on the Mac with textwrangler without any change, just soft wrap it for readability)

                I found it quite interesting even beyond just seeing the GPS-datas in the first line)
                You find a lot of information there: Here is a link to a moree readable pdf-file

                The header looks like this

                {"fileType":"UPF","version":"1.2","defaultSetId ":1 ,"imageSetUsage":"undefined","geoTag":{"longitude":14.05612218221603,"latitude":52.292576529106 85}, "imageSets":[
                isoTime":"2017-01-14 10:31:29,000","exposureTime":0.03331249952316285," cameras":[

                an individual picture-data: (from 1 to 36)

                {"id":1,"rotationMatrix":[[-0.9675339163975658,0.241435264048609,-0.0747404920846923],[-0.2449513099939955,-0.8229381910085434,0.5126113995457987],[0.0622554868491059,0.5142776073089875,0.8553617665 913267]],"translationVector":[0.0,0.0,0.0],"colorMatrix":[[1.934,-0.586,-0.348],[-0.401,1.582,-0.181],[-0.052,-0.635,1.687]],"gamma":0.4166699945926666,"blackLevel":64,"wh ite Balance":[1.310795783996582,1.0,1.3036315441131592],"analogGain":2.0,"colorTemperature":5500,"expo sur eTime":0.03331249952316284,"f-Number":2.8,"iso":200,"intrinsicMatrix":[[1862.857,0.0,1032.0],[0.0,1862.857,776.0],[0.0,0.0,1.0]],"imageFormat":"RAW_GR_8bit_JPEGcompressed","im age Width":2064,"imageHeight":1552,"imageFilenames":["imageset1_camera01_red.jpg","imageset1_camera 01_g reen0.jpg","imageset1_camera01_green1.jpg","images et1_camera01_blue.jpg"],"vignettingCoeffs":"vignetting_coeffs.txt"},

                The footer looks like this (including the current imageNumber you took!!)

                "vendor":{"com.panono":{"vendorDataVersion":"1 .2",



                (number xed-out...)







                "sensors":[{"name":"LSM303D_ACCELEROMETER","filename":"LSM 303 D_ACCELEROMETER.dat","type":"accelerometer","range sMin":[-58.840199999999999,-58.840199999999999,-58.840199999999999],"rangesMax":[58.840199999999999,58.840199999999999,58.840199999 999999],

                "rotationMatrix":[[0.0,1.0,0.0],[0.0,0.0,1.0],[1.0,0.0,0.0]],"translationVector":[0.0,0.0,0.0],"priority":8},{"name":"LIS3DSH_ACCELEROMETER", "fi lename":"LIS3DSH_ACCELEROMETER.dat","type":"accele rometer","rangesMin":[-58.840199999999999,-58.840199999999999,-58.840199999999999],"rangesMax":[58.840199999999999,58.840199999999999,58.840199999 999999],"rotationMatrix":[[-1.0,0.0,0.0],[0.0,0.0,1.0],[0.0,1.0,0.0]],"translationVector":[0.0,0.0,0.0],"priority":11},{"name":"L3GD20H_GYROSCOPE","fi len ame":"L3GD20H_GYROSCOPE.dat","type":"gyroscope"," r angesMin":[-28647.895716566632,-28647.895716566632,-28647.895716566632],"rangesMax":[28647.895716566632,28647.895716566632,28647.895716 566632],"rotationMatrix":[[0.0,1.0,0.0],[0.0,0.0,1.0],[1.0,0.0,0.0]],"translationVector":[0.0,0.0,0.0],"priority":10},{"name":"LSM303D_MAGNETOMETER", "fi lename":"LSM303D_MAGNETOMETER.dat","type":"compass ","rangesMin":[-20000.0,-20000.0,-20000.0],"rangesMax":[20000.0,20000.0,20000.0],"rotationMatrix":[[0.0,1.0,0.0],[0.0,0.0,1.0],[1.0,0.0,0.0]],"translationVector":[0.0,0.0,0.0],"priority":9},

                {"name":"LIS3DSH_TEMPERATURE_SENSOR","filename" :"L IS3DSH_TEMPERATURE_SENSOR.dat","type":"thermometer ","rangesMin":[-40.0],"rangesMax":[85.0],"priority":7},{"name":"L3GD20H_TEMPERATURE_SEN SOR ","filename":"L3GD20H_TEMPERATURE_SENSOR.dat", "typ e":"thermometer","rangesMin":[-40.0],"rangesMax":[85.0],"priority":6},{"name":"LSM303D_TEMPERATURE_SEN SOR ","filename":"LSM303D_TEMPERATURE_SENSOR.dat", "typ e":"thermometer","rangesMin":[-40.0],"rangesMax":[85.0],"priority":5}],"debug":{"captureMode":0,"exposureMode":0,"aut oGa in":true,"exposureTime":0.033330000936985019,"is oV alue":200,"exposureTimeThreshold":0.25,"exposureTi meMax":1.0,"isoValueMax":400,"lowerBracketFactor": 0.125,"upperBracketFactor":4.0,"autoExposureFactor ":1.0,"colorTemperature":0,"blackLevel":64,"ga mma" :0.4166699945926666,"expectedCaptureTime":125.8813 20972,"captureStatus":{"Error":false,"cameraPowerF lags":[10000,10000,10000,10000],"ramFlags":[2151612416,2151612416,2151612416,2151612416],"cameraFlags":[12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12 800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,1280 0,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800, 12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12800,12 800,12800,12800],"imageBytesStored":[4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,40 21760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021 760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,402176 0,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760, 4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760,40 21760,4021760,4021760,4021760,4021760],"previewBytesStored":[201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,2 01232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,20 1232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201 232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,2012 32,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,201232,20123 2]},"AntiShaking":true,"RotationSpeedThresholds":0 .0 ,"options":{"AntiShaking":true,"AutoExposure":f als e,"ColorTemperature":"0","ExposureTime":0.03333, "I SO":"200","ImageType":"Default","LowerBracketFac to r":0.125,"RotationSpeedThresholds":0,"SaveLocat ion ":true,"TriggerDelay":0,"TriggerMode":"remote" ,"Up perBracketFactor":4,"slot_id":1}}}}}


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                  Originally posted by maxim View Post
                  we are definitely planning on adding the GPS info to the downloadble equi file in the near future.


                  I wanted to ask about the current Status of this Update - is it / when will it be implemented?
                  As it's a showstopper not having the GPS Information at hand ...

                  Thank you, bye from Austria
                  Andreas Schnederle-Wagner


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                    Everybody needs it in the equi.

                    It is very hard to upload a pano in google maps without the gps informations !!!!


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                      I need it!


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                        Pano2VR 5.2 has implemented a new StreetView-function and uploading a panorama with embedded GPS-information has become very easy.

                        An example of a panorama (Canon 7D, 24mm EF, 72 images)

                        @ admins: The forum-software cuts off the link-URLs and is misleading.
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                          Jonas - you are right - the GPS Information is needed within the EQUI - as standardized within EXIF Specs ...

                          Our DSLRs are all equipped with GPS Receiver for this ... it's cruical to have all GPS information within EQUI too if we want to replace all of our DSLR Pano Sets with PANONO ...

                          So is there an ETA?

                          Thank you


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                            Jonas - guess you know it already - from a technical point of view - this should be implemented within less than an hour! (being a coder myself ...)
                            Today we get our first Panono as we are evaluating them in comparison to our DSLRs - hope they perform as well as we hope they will ...
                            Would love the faster Workflow than with our DSLRs ....

                            Maybe I will test it on Großvenediger Summit this Weekend if Weather fits ...

                            greetings from Tyrol
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                              Jonas - would it be possible that you offer the "manifest.json" for seperate Download until the JPGs contain the needed Meta-Information?
                              (so one doesn't have to download whole UPF to get the needed Information ...)

                              btw) Großvenediger Summit, 3.666m: ;-)

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