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Are these stitching errors normal?

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  • Are these stitching errors normal?

    Hello everyone! I just have a small question:

    I've bought a new panono camera ball and I've allready taken some panoramas with it. I've noticed that there are often stitching-errors.

    An example: Today I took this panorama:

    At all 3 doors you can clearly see stitching errors, which cost my time to correct them. I am honest I have expected better results at this price.

    But my actual question is: Is this normal? Do you have similar problems?

    Is there a possibility to avoid this?

    Thank you very much for any answer!
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    This is normal, because the 36 lenses cannot have the same NPP (No-Parallax-Point). You can adjust these few areas by Photoshop (Copy area, paste area, warp area, merge the layers).


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      My question is then:
      1) How do adjust the areas with Photoshop and is that from the UPF file?
      2) If so, then what software do you use to stitch the images or what is the procedure from this moment?"


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        Dear Leon,

        if you already have Affinity Photo, this is the way to go as it has this nice built in panoramic viewer.

        Please wait till next week and we will publish some video tutorials.


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          Hi Leon,

          perhaps my old screencasts might help?

          Best regards

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