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Has anyone removed the battery and worked only with an external battery?

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  • Has anyone removed the battery and worked only with an external battery?

    Hey guys, I love my Panono pics but lots of problems that need to be fixed!! First and foremost for me is battery life. I get 20 HDR photos and it is dead and apparently there could be overheating problems to just plug an external battery pack in and run off of that (at least that is what support told me). So my thought was to just remove the interior battery and only use an external battery pack. Has anyone tried that? Doing so would remove the heat issue. While I have it apart I will paint the shell white instead of black so that it won't get hot taking photos outside in the sun. No idea why multiple camera manufacturers make their cameras black where heat is an issue. Anyway, thanks for any feedback on this. If you have not seen the assembly video, it is here. So it would not be hard to take apart and reassemble.

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    AFAIR the overheating is caused by chips, not the battery. There was a discussion about using external power source and cooling some months/years ago. You would probably have to use some cooling aids like copper strips to lead heat out of the housing or even think about liquid cooling - good luck!


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      yes if you remove the internal battery you now have some area where you could design some small "heat sinks" similar to a transistor heat sink and insert this into the Panono, needs a bit of trial and error. I would go for the max heat sink that would fit into the available space- you can not have too much cooling, but if the sinks are too small then it will not cool sufficiently to make any difference and you are back to square 1 .