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Too bad: what will happen with Panono?

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  • Too bad: what will happen with Panono?

    Bad news today: Panono declared the german version of chapter 11 today in Berlin. This is very sad. Hopefully there will be a way out to survive.


  • Ahmed AlAlawi
    For me it is a good news
    It is just a listen , how to respect people

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  • joanna090
    I feel so sad to hear that. The only thing I can do is praying for that.
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  • maxim
    Dear all,

    yes it is true, we filed for insolvency last week.

    The cloud as well as the company are still operating and we are working with interested investors on keeping the company as well as the cloud service running.
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  • 361
    You will still be able to stitch manually, read this article

    I do hope they release the sourcecode for their cloud stitching software and mobile apps nonetheless.

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  • JamesHilton
    This is something ive been worried about for some time, do our Panonos become paperweights if Panono closes down? And what happens to our currently hosted panos? Jonas

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  • Matthias
    Yup, heard it yesterday evening
    Really sad, because the Cam takes really good images!

    But for all those who are using the cloud for processing the images:
    What will happen to the processing-service??

    Is it planned to release the software / source code which is running in the cloud?

    We know, it's possible to extract the single images of each lense and channel, but there is NO satisfyiing way to handle the exposure/HDR tasks "easily".

    But if i'm wrong and there is a good tutorial on how to handle the exposure/HDR thing beside the stitching tutorial, that would be awesome!

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