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  • Panono group on Flick

    It's hard to find Panono photos on Flickr even though the website supports showing equirectangular photos in 360° VR panning mode.
    But if there's any Panono photographers active there besides me, I have created a group for Panono users:

    I hope someone will join me and posts some nice Panono shots. Even though Flickr might not be so trendy as it once was, it is a much bigger community than here, plus you have the option to edit and fine-tune your images before upload (yes, you can do that here too, but you will have to pay extra for that feature). On the downside, there's currently no zoom-functionality when viewing equirectangular photos in your webbrowser, and the app-version doesn't support 360 panning mode at all (at least not on Android).

    And by the way, if you already are on Flickr or decides to join the community, you should also try my Flickr Fixr :
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