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Exploring long exposures in Tivoli Copenhagen

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  • Exploring long exposures in Tivoli Copenhagen

    Well, or relatively long exposures...

    Previous weekend I did a little series of shots at Tivoli's Christmas Market, trying shutter speeds ranging from 1/2 to 2 seconds. Unfortunately there's no exif data in image files telling exposure data for a shot (I wish Panono would add that!), so I don't know the exact exposure time of this. But I think here's a nice mix of sharpness and motion blur. As long as you shoot at 100 ISO, I think Panono handles low light and long exposure pretty nice, and I wonder why we are limited to max. 2 seconds exposures with Panono?

    The first is the original Panono version, and second is a slightly adjusted version I posted to Flickr. Flickr also supports equirectangular photos on the web, however you cannot zoom into them:

    Btw., to get camera-information on the Flickr photo-page (Scroll a few lines down on page), I embedded camerainfo in my jpgs using exiftool and a cmd-file with following commands:

    set Make=Panono
    set Model=Panono Camera Explorer Edition
    set Lens=36x lenses
    exiftool -P -overwrite_original_in_place -Model="%Model%" -Make="%Make%" -Lens="%Lens%" .
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