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Panano as a 3D Agisoft PhotoScan ( 3D Scan Photometry ) system !

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  • Panano as a 3D Agisoft PhotoScan ( 3D Scan Photometry ) system !

    Hello, i know Panono is a ball camera to take spherical photos 360. But im thinking in another application.

    If is possible to get all individual photos ( raw ) from Panono, why not dessassembly the Panono and mount all the cameras into a

    semi-spherical ( 180, inverted ) to take a lot of photos to make photometry to use with Agisoft Photoscan.

    If the team like the idea, i wanna know how each photo quality. ( 1024x1024 ? DPI ? Resolution )...

    obs: Use for small objects or a human head !

    Like this, but in a smaller scale , with Panono cameras !

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    Well, I don't know if there is any interest. However you can just dissassemble your panono and place the camera modules wherever you want. Should just be some destruction and soldering work

    Originally posted by rebit View Post
    i wanna know how each photo quality. ( 1024x1024 ? DPI ? Resolution )..
    The resolution of the single images is 2064px × 1552px. You do not have any DPI in nonprint ;-) Are there any square sensors?

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      Hi StefanMaier, you got the idea !

      So , its possible.

      Can you have some 'individual' pictures (raw photos) to verify the panono quality ?

      And about the process to get the shot of all cameras at same time, is easy ? How this will work ?

      Last question, to this setup panono will be connected to a PC, its possible to monitor in realtime each camera ? If , yes what software ?

      I have a lot of interest in this, and i want to buy soon as possible.

      Hope the team like this idea and make tests !

      Agisoft PhotoScan ( proprietary software ):

      You can use the VisualSFM for photometry 3D reconstruction too, its a opensource software with a good quality results.

      VisualSFM official website:

      Here a package ready to run on Windows:

      Thank you.
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        here you have a example for a single image:

        Well, getting all pictures at the same time is exactly what panono does anyway. You only have to press the trigger or trigger it via the app.

        The only thing you have to change is the camera alignment.

        However I worry about the focus distance. Panono works with objekts far away while yours will be pretty close. Jonas may say something about the minimal focus distance.


        P.s.: Please not that i do not have anything todo with the panono company


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          Hi Stefan, ohh okay, i thinked you are from the staff... hehe, anyway thanks for the sample.

          But you are right, the focal distance is important to know.

          This single image dont have great quality, but i think if cameras works with closer distances with good light maybe the quality can be good.

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            I have seen this idea before, actually, I have seen exactly your idea being used in the games industry. LA noire used exactly what you wanted:


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              I'd like to use such app too!

              I often read to be aware of such interesting things.
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